our restaurant

Located in the famously creative and quirky neighborhood of Fremont in Seattle, WA, In Bocca al Lupo serves Neapolitan pizza with a cozy, local vibe. It is a place where neighbors, friends, families and even large groups can come together to enjoy delicious Neapolitan pizza, fine wine, and delicious Italian dining.  Our mission is to create a memorable and relaxing dining and sensory experience that feels as welcoming and familiar as your neighborhood bar. We cook everything (including dessert!) in our wood-fired brick oven, handcrafted by a Neopolitan expert. 

Our name, In Bocca al Lupo, is a popular Italian phrase, literally meaning "into the mouth of the wolf". In Italy, it is said as a wish of good luck, similar to "break a leg". The standard Italian response is "crepi il lupo" meaning "may the wolf die", or simply, "crepi". For the record, you can call us Lupo for short. 


who we are 

Established in 2018 Owners Justin Harcus and Shane Abbott met through mutual friends many years ago, although no one can remember exactly when. They like to spend their Sundays eating, drinking, playing pinball and watching Seahawks games together. Justin, a local musician, has managed the restaurant under previous ownership at this location for over 5 years. He is a fixture in the local community, welcoming his customers like family. Shane is an electrical engineer, poker player and dog lover. While this is his first restaurant venture, Shane brings his love of pizza, travel and neighborhood bars to the table (pun intended).