Q: Do you take reservations? 

A: Absolutely. Call (206) 547-2144                                                                       

Q: Can you accommodate large or private parties?

A: Yes! We even have a huge family-style table in a semi-private area. Contact or call (206) 547-2144 for more information. 

Q: What style of pizza do you serve? 

A: We serve delicious, floppy, Neapolitan style pizza, cooked in our wood-fired brick oven. 

Q: what does in bocca al lupo mean? 

A: In Bocca al Lupo, a popular Italian phrase literally meaning "into the mouth of the wolf" is said as a wish of good luck, similar to "break a leg". The standard Italian response is "crepi il lupo" meaning "may the wolf die", or simply, "crepi".